Ultimate Estate Planning

Of course, we should take care of our earthly estate planning (have trusts, wills, etc. prepared) sooner than later, for we never know when “it’s time to go.” We can only speculate when our death will occur. This raises the issue of what could be called “ultimate estate planning.” Are we—can we be—prepared for what happens after we die?

George G. Ritchie, Jr., M.D., a Christian, in his book Ordered to Return, relates his “out-of-body” death experiences in which he encounters the heavenly Jesus in 1943 as a 20-year-old army enlisted man. On page 37, the now Dr. Ritchie writes:

“I am too young to die,” I thought.

[Jesus responded]: “No one is too young to die, for physical death is only of the body and a temporary doorway to another realm through which you have just passed.”

When we die, will we be ready for the next realm? What realm will that be? Are there different realms for different people? Can we plan for the realm we would like to enter? Have we done our ultimate estate planning?