Real Estate Legal Services

When you think about it, we are all touched in some way or other with real estate. We live on the land in a house or apartment. Many of us work in buildings and have offices. Some of us work the land itself and we all work on the land. We buy things we need or want at regional commercial centers and strip malls. We often recreate on public lands within federal or state parks. We travel from one spot on the earth to another. All of these things we do show that, as humans, we are essentially related to real estate – to this earth.

Our relationship to our fellow human beings necessitates laws that govern our respective rights and duties relating to the limited real estate we own or use. For example, we have laws governing the ownership of real estate, laws respecting the limited use of property involving leases, rental agreements, and easements, and laws covering lenders and borrowers, where the borrower has encumbered his property in favor of the lender as security for the loan he or she has received.

Perhaps somewhere in these workings in the world of real estate, a legal issue has arisen for yourself. We are available to assist you in any way we can.