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San Diego Estate Planning and Estate Administration Attorney

Trust and probate attorney, Richard F. McEntyre, in San Diego, California has been a trust lawyer since 1974. Richard offers quality, personalized, and affordable estate planning and estate administration services, with a free initial consultation, and is available for home visits.

Estate Planning

Some of the documents we can provide:

  • Trusts
  • Wills – either to supplement a trust or to operate independently
  • Amendments to trusts
  • Codicils (changes) to Wills
  • Documents to be filed with the county assessor to maintain a Prop. 13 property tax base upon a transfer of such property
  • Financial powers of attorney
  • Advance health care directives
  • Deeds transferring real property to trustees of your new trust
  • Spousal transmutation (property transfer) agreements
  • Nominations of conservators
  • Nominations of guardians (when you have minor children)
  • Advice on trust funding
  • Federal estate tax returns

Probate and Trust Administration


We can represent the executor or administrator in a legally-mandated court-supervised legal proceeding–required to pass title of a decedent’s property to heirs when no exemption from probate exists

Trust Administration

We can represent the trustee, successor trustee, or a beneficiary of a trust in dealing with the trust estate assets

As is said we are indeed “mere mortals.”  It’s never too early to do your estate planning.  You may need a revocable living trust to avoid a costly and time-consuming probate.  We provide quality estate planning at an affordable price.  You will feel a burden has been lifted when you’ve taken care of this important life task.  We will be pleased to see you!

We never treat you as a “number.”  You are a special unique person requiring individualized care and attention.  Each client is our most important client!


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