Probate Administration

When a person dies leaving a will or trust, or without having designated beneficiaries to take certain assets on his or her death under a legal “will substitute” (such as a beneficiary designated under an insurance policy, IRA, retirement account, or pay-on-death bank or other financial account), his or her assets may be subject to a court–supervised administration, commonly called a “probate”.  As a general rule a probate will be required if the decedent owned a home or other real property which was never transferred into a trust or owned other financial assets with a total aggregate value in excess of $166,250.

Probate Process

The Law Office of Richard F. McEntyre is ready to assist you through the probate process from initial petition to the final order for distribution.  Our experience handling extraordinary matters such as court supervised sales of real estate, Heggstad Petitions for property not transferred into a trust, locating potential beneficiaries, and mediating resolutions for complex family matters will bring you peace of mind as we help you navigate the probate process.