Trust and Estate Litigation

We craft estate plans that remove, to the greatest extent possible, the likelihood of litigation.  Yet problems may arise due to family dynamics or suspicion of undue influence from friends, caregivers, and even family.  Individuals who feel they were unjustly left out of a trust as beneficiaries may contest the documents themselves.

Problems for the successor trustee may arise during the administration of a trust, leading beneficiaries or others to file a legal claim for many complicated reasons.

Litigating trust and estate matters is complex and may leave the petitioner in violation of a no-contest clause, resulting in the loss of an inheritance.  It may also bring the administration of a trust to a halt, costing valuable trust assets to resolve the claim.

Solutions that Save

Here at The Law Office of Richard F. McEntyre, we successfully utilize informal means to settle many disputes, saving our clients time and money, and bringing administration issues to closure.

If you feel you need legal assistance as a trustee, have concerns as a beneficiary, or even have a claim to be filed against a trust, we are able to assist you with the representation and direction you need.