Structuring Your Business Assets

There comes a time when a personal business has matured and become a significant asset to you and others involved in its formation. It may be important to incorporate and protect the investment of time and money you have made, with agreements between you and the others who are part of the venture.  You may be asking yourself how to integrate your ownership interest in such a business with your estate planning.

While there are different legal entities to choose from, each entity provides differing forms of management control and tax protection.  Simultaneously, there are ways to incorporate your ownership or economic interest in a business entity within a comprehensive estate plan.

The Help You Deserve

Here at The Law Office of Richard F. McEntyre, we have years of experience guiding the selection and formation of entities, drafting shareholder and buy/sell agreements to protect the interest and control of your business investment, integrating the various forms of interest you may have in such entities within an estate plan, and assisting you with all of the necessary corporate formalities to protect your business assets.

If you are considering how to structure your business and integrate it within your estate plan, we are here to help.